She’s a therapy dog at an old age home too. Can you believe she’s accomplished so much. I know it’s the love and care that you gave her, that is making her so wonderful now. We couldn’t live without her. Even my family doctor wants her to come in to see him some times, waiting right in the office with all the other patients.It is therapy for him too I guess. She goes to the vet easily and is always happy to see all the workers there. She doesn’t disturb other dog patients. Imogen gives big soft Boxer kisses to everyone, and seems to know who really needs it. Her swimming skills outshine the Portugese Water dogs near here. She goes everywhere in the car without a fuss and into any venue I ask her to go. She can even climb onto an elderly person’s lap on the wheelchair without hurting the patient. She has visited people in hospitals too. Everyone loves her, even people who aren’t crazy about dogs. She’s just a big Love Sponge. She goes for walks with me off leash and always comes when she is called. She is so very gentle with my 16 month old grandson and any other children we come in contact with. She didn’t even bother a blind 2 year old grandchild of my friend. Anyone who is lucky enough to pick an Ambato Boxer will be thankful forever. You have a good gift for matching the right dog with the right family. I am eternally grateful for having the most wonderful dog I’ve had in many years. I cannot put into the right words how much we love her. We want to come and see you before the snow flies. Cuidate mucho mi amigita Sofia. Noreensita